Adaptogens: A Natural Stress Buster

February 16, 2022

Ever wonder how stress affects our body? Stress can have harmful effects like cardiovascular, digestive, immune system and mental strain.

The good news is that there are so many ways to manage stress and adaptogens can be very effective.

What’s an adaptogen?

A natural substance that helps the body manage the toxic effects of stress and bring it back to balance. Adaptogens have been used since ancient times and can help combat anything that strains the body from a long work-week to an intense workout. VitalFit’s adaptogenic powders, Adapted and Source, are packed with simple, natural ingredients that help beat stress. From organic holy basil to energizing wild cultured cordyceps, these adaptogenic powders complement each other to help clear the mind and improve productivity.

Pine Pollen is one type of adaptogen

Adapted - For a calm, clear mind and greater focus

VitalFit Adapted is made of three ingredients; lion’s mane, holy basil and lemon balm. Lion’s mane is a mushroom that improves focus and energy, holy basil helps relieve stress, and lemon balm calms the mind.

Source - For natural, crash-resistant energy

VitalFit Source is made of two ingredients; wild-cultured cordyceps and pine pollen. Cordyceps are a type of mushroom that provides a natural source of energy without the “crash,” and pine pollen is known to improve drive and motivation.

Take Adapted and Source together to provide the perfect complement to calm the body, energize it and help it resist mental strain so you can take on your workout or workday and perform your best!

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