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My Challenges to Wellness - Kristen Fogarty

by Rochelle Louis May 22, 2021


Kristen is an instructor at WheelHouse, Fit Revolution and Kick It by Eliza, an ACE personal trainer and another member of our amazing fitness/wellness community. We asked Kristen what her personal wellness struggles were and how she overcame them. Here’s what she had to say!

I think that struggles are a beautiful thing. In my eyes, struggles mean you are probably at a road block that is going to eventually become something pretty incredible and you may not even know it yet. Throughout all of the ups and downs I’ve experienced in my life, I will always believe that everything happens for a reason.


The world of health and fitness can tend to look super glamourous. What many don’t see is that working in this industry requires a lot of hard work, creativity and drive, early mornings and late nights. I think one of the biggest personal struggles I faced for a long time was comparing myself and not realizing my full potential. We are constantly on social media comparing our lives, jobs, success, bodies, and more to others. I used to always feel like I wasn’t doing enough, or my presence wasn’t important. If anyone is going through this, please remember – what you have someone else doesn’t. There is truly a place for us all.

Finding balance is also a ginormous struggle. I know what it is like to be at a heavier weight and not be happy and then losing 50 pounds in under a year and also not being happy. I know what it is like to not workout and to over-workout. Many of us are constantly on the go and finding the time to make yourself a true priority is hard. Even when I was at both of those stages, I never made myself a priority. I never respected my body and saw its full potential.

In order to find balance and create overall success in your wellness journey, I suggest writing out your goals. These can be both mental and physical. Write down what you want and everyday do something to get a little closer to it. I think a lot of people believe that achieving overall wellness should happen fast, almost overnight. Small steps and always remembering that every second you have a chance to start again will get you past your struggles and hurdles, I promise.


With a lot of patience and taking time to understand different areas of health and fitness that I enjoy, I have been in a place of no extremes for a long time and I’ve never felt better. I enjoy working out because it makes me feel good, not because I have to in order to earn a certain meal. I don’t ever feel guilty taking a rest day because I now listen to my body. I don’t feel guilty if I miss a workout to see my friends because I don’t want to miss out on what is happening in their lives. I maintain a 80/20 lifestyle because I believe balance is everything. I know what it is like to work over 50 hours a week and be exhausted and struggle to find motivation. We are HUMAN and are not born to be perfect. When you take at least an hour for you each day, I promise you the rest of the day is so much better. We all struggle to find the time to recharge, to stay hydrated, to eat the nutrients our body needs, and to get enough sleep. Each day I wake up and do my best and always find some sort of victory in my efforts and you should too.

I’m so thankful to have reached that place in my life where I truly respect and appreciate what my body can do. I eat well so that I teach up to 10 classes a week. Body love is so important and takes a lot of time so do not give up if you struggle with that. I treat my body well to also hopefully set an example to others who also might be struggling that each body is beautiful and you are capable of so many incredible things. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and crush your fitness/life goals.


You can get in touch with Kristen through her Instagram @kristenfogarty

Rochelle Louis
Rochelle Louis

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