What Does Recovery Mean to Us?

March 01, 2022


One of the most important parts of an effective workout or workday is rest. Seems counterintuitive? Recovery is as equally important as productivity when it comes to strengthening our mind and body. The most common type is recovery from physical strain after workouts. Foam rolling, drinking protein shakes and getting adequate sleep are the simplest ways to recover from workout strain. Another essential but easily forgotten aspect of recovery is recovery from mental stress.

At VitalFit, our primary focus is helping people with recovery. To kick off National Nutrition Month, I’m going to address how prioritizing recovery benefits us from both a fitness and lifestyle perspective.


Physical Recovery

Working out alone helps burn calories but to efficiently build muscle, recovery is crucial. Workouts reduce energy stores, cause inflammation and muscle tissue breakdown.

After a workout, the body recovers physically by:

  • bringing its physiological processes back to normal levels (like restoring blood pressure levels) and
  • restoring its energy stores

Without proper recovery, a major portion of workout efforts can go wasted. Proper recovery requires the right nutrition and rest to restore our bodies which is why the hashtag #norestdays may be doing more harm than good.


Mental Recovery

Mental wellness is a big part of living a fulfilling and productive life. Mental recovery means being aware of stressors and having strategies to overcome them. When our minds are stressed our bodies pay the price; heart disease, trouble sleeping, and memory impairments are a few in a long list of disruptions caused by chronic stress.

Having a clear mind is essential to balance an efficient workday and effective workout. Mental recovery looks different for each of us all but is crucial because stress is ultimately detrimental to health.


At VitalFit, we believe that recovery means a well-rested, fully restored body. Recovery is the key to performing our best across all fields: fitness, career and, life. Which is why each of our products focus on aiding mental and physical recovery and prevent their symptoms. Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee for energy we prefer exceptional plant-based ingredients to help energize, restore and recover our mind and body.


Stay tuned for our next blog post where I’ll be addressing the nutrition behind efficient recovery!


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